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About our company

We love what we do, so we are confident in the quality of services and the result of our work.

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software development


Our company has been working since 2008. During this time, we have implemented more than 320 projects of varying complexity and directions. Our team employs experienced specialists in various fields: programmers, html coder, SEO-specialists, managers, who together make up a strong team that that is capable of solving any task.

Our advantages

  • Price

    Our company has a very loyal pricing policy. Choosing us, you can be sure of an honest and transparent assessment of the service cost .

  • Effectiveness

    We do not postpone the timing of projects and always keep within the agreed deadlines.

  • Quality

    We produce a truly high-quality product thanks to competent specialists and many years of experience in developing websites and all kinds of modules.

  • Original solutions

    Our company undertakes projects of any complexity. Difficulties and problems don’t scare us, but motivate us. Non-standard task – non-standard solution.


we have known for a long time


Magento Modules

If you are faced with a situation of insufficient standard Magento functionality in your online store, or have planned a project with non-standard technical solutions and implementation of non-trivial algorithms, then in this case you should connect certain modules that are written to perform similar tasks. However, users of this platform often don’t find the extensions they need. There’re also situations when a client needs only a specific module function and is not interested in paying for the whole.

We will be happy to help you in these situations. The development of modules for Magento is one of our priority tasks. We will write a module that will perform exactly what you need and help integrate it into your online store.

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