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Web design on the Internet is an analog of window dressing in a store, it is thanks to it that a potential client makes a choice in favor of one or another company.

Our team will implement any of your ideas or offer the best options for your requirements.

We develop a modern responsive design of sites and online stores of any complexity, taking into account all the criteria of both the customer and search engines.

Design can be ordered both for a new project, and for an existing one. We will offer several options within your budget.

Web design includes:

  • Color choice. A selection of corporate identity and successful color schemes. A contrasting shade of primary colors is chosen to highlight the main information, promotional offers, calls to action, buttons to buy goods or order services.
  • Creating a composition. Web design includes the correct arrangement of elements on the page, in which the user will easily and simply navigate. With the help of design techniques, we will make the presentation of information on the pages in a convenient form for a good perception.
  • Font selection. Beautiful fonts play an important role in the perception of text content. Style, style, size, leading – all these are ways to get the emotional response of the visitor and stand out from other competitors sites.
  • Animation effects. Such a tool as animation creates the effect of interaction with the visitor, works well for engagement, draws attention to the target action. These can be hovers that respond to cursor hovering, parallax effects and other modern techniques.
  • Images. Selection of background and thematic images, icons, decorative elements. Juicy graphic components, bright backgrounds, icons in a single style attract attention, give the site a character, make it original and interesting in the eyes of the user.

Web design is the face of your site. There is no better way to lure a potential client than an original, beautiful and user-friendly site with clear information and correctly placed accents.



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