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Magento-1C Integration

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//Magento-1C Integration

As soon as online stores became a mass phenomenon, there was a need to integrate an online store with the 1C system. Magento online store gives you the opportunity to do this.

The integration of the Magento online store and 1C can significantly accelerate the filling of the store with goods and even completely automate the exchange processes between the online store and 1C.

The modules that we offer provide a number of opportunities. Namely:

1) Import to Magento:

  • Products with reference to sections
  • Stock
  • Prices
  • Images for the product, the main image from 1С
  • Product weight
  • Category structures (sections and subsections of the nomenclature)
  • Unloading a brief and complete description of the product, including in HTML
  • Upload and automatically create attribute sets
  • Automatically create a group in an attribute set
  • Unloading product properties as attributes, automatically moving an attribute to a group
  • Unloading of product characteristics as attributes (when taking into account 1s by characteristics, size, color, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of a configurable product, hiding sub-items from the catalog
  • Synchronization with the current article base
  • Unloading services as a virtual product
  • Possibility of automatic scheduled work
  • Uploading only changed items to the site since the last upload
  • Indication in 1C of the unloading process, error control

2) Export from Magento:

  • Orders
  • Payments
  • Shipments
  • Transfer in 1C full information about the order (counterparty, order composition, information about payment and delivery, status, etc.)
  • Synchronization of orders, when creating a payment or shipment in 1C, they are automatically created in Magento

3) Additional features:

  • Multistor – export and import to a specific store (when placing several stores on the same platform)
  • Multicurrency
  • Scheduled automatic exchange



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