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For a more effective online store, it is important to have a wide range of tools that will allow you to create attractive promotions and conveniently manage products. Therefore, our team is developing Magento add-ons to help projects that want this functionality.

If you are faced with a lack of standard Magento functionality in your online store, or planned a project with non-standard technical solutions and the implementation of non-trivial algorithms, then in this case you should connect certain modules that are written to perform similar tasks. However, often users of this platform are faced with the lack of extensions they need. There are also situations when a client needs only a specific module function and is not interested in paying for the whole.

Therefore, our team has developed a number of modules that have expanded the functionality of Magento to the point that it is most convenient for customers to make purchases, and for managers to effectively manage content and other tools.
Most popular modules:

  • Sphinx Search module;
  • Search Autocomplete module;
  • Advanced Filter Module for Products;
  • Advanced Sort Control Module;
  • Promotion module;
  • Module “one-page order” (which includes a large number of payment and delivery methods for Ukraine and Europe);
  • Slider module;
  • Blog module;
  • SMS module;
  • Advanced Product Management Module.

We have listed only a small part of the modules, the total number of modules that are included in the project when developing an online store is 47. The client can enable or disable the modules as necessary. You can also order to connect any module to your finished project.



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