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Each company that owns its website cares not only about the recoupment of the costs of its creation, but also about making and increasing revenue in the future. To achieve this without promotion and search engine promotion is almost impossible today. First of all, you need to attract as many visitors as possible who are looking for exactly the goods or services that you offer. As various studies show, more than 80% of people on the Internet pay attention to a maximum of the first 2 pages of search results. If you do not engage in the promotion and promotion of the site, then it will be in last position when it is displayed in search engines. As a result, people simply cannot find you.

SEO is divided into main stages:

• Website Analysis
We check the technical condition of the resource. We identify structural errors and incorrect indexing by search robots. We analyze the competitiveness of resource topics in search positions.
• Compilation of the semantic core.
We select words and phrases on the subject of the site. We check user requests. Find out the frequency of keywords.
• Website optimization
We fix technical errors. We make changes to the structure, content, headings and meta information. We get rid of all unnecessary.
• Search promotion
We direct the site to the TOP positions of search engines, thanks to new keywords and different promotion techniques. We hold and control the achieved results.

The timing of site promotion can be very different. There are quite a few factors that can affect the speed of promotion:

• Subject and competition – the more sites with the same subject, the more time it will take to promote.
• Optimization quality – the number of additional corrections and changes to the site, the uniqueness of texts, duplicate pages all affect the speed of achieving goals in promoting.
• The age and reputation of the domain – the younger the site, the longer it takes to promote it on the Internet. Bad domain history can affect the attitude of search engines to your site. Even if your resource is of high quality, it will take some time for the search engines to fix this.

For quality promotion, we recommend contacting specialists, as this is a very painstaking work that has quite a few pitfalls that can negatively affect the ranking of your resource in search engines.

What will you get after website SEO:

• TOP positions – compliance of site optimization with the requirements of search engines;
• Increase in the influx of the target audience – the number of visitors will grow;
• Position Support;
• Business Growth;
•Save money on advertising;
• Increasing image and recognition.

We offer successful promotion and promotion of your site. This is not a one-time job, but a continuous process that aims to increase and maintain a leading position in search results. We will carry out an effective set of works to popularize your resource among potential customers. Thanks to this, you will feel a significant increase in business profitability.



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