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WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform. However, its functionality gradually expanded, and now it is used to perform a variety of tasks and types of sites.

Stages of creating a WordPress site

Hosting & Server

We offer the customer the choice of hosting, depending on the wishes and budget. The place where your site will be hosted plays an important role, so we will try to find the perfect option for the price-quality criterion.

Preparation of technical specifications

The project manager familiarizes himself with the goals of the client and forms the terms of reference for the team for the implementation of the project. This manager is assigned to the client for the entire project period for the most convenient communication.

Target Audience

It is very important that the site meets the expectations of potential customers and arouses their interest. To do this, we study the sites of competitors, the goals and objectives of potential visitors, information about the target audience, the results of an analysis of the market for similar offers, the customer’s brand book, if any, and all the customer’s information provided.

Functionality Development

Based on the prepared terms of reference, the project manager creates all the necessary processes and functionality that should occur on the site for both its visitors and the company itself.

Responsive Design

The site must be adapted for all mobile devices. If he does not have such functions, this will create discomfort for a potential client who visited him from a mobile phone or tablet and the client may leave him. Therefore, at the stage of selecting and creating a website design, we give great attention to its adaptability.

Plugin connection

For more diverse features on the site and to expand its functionality, our team connects additional plugins to your project. Any customer request will be taken into account and can be implemented at this stage.


Before implementing a project in a “living environment”, we carefully test all of its functions and capabilities. It is very important for us that the project meets all the requirements and is of very high quality. Therefore, we pay great attention to checking the operation of the site depending on various loads.

Technical support

After the project is implemented, we are ready to provide technical support on any issues. You can contact us at any time to make all kinds of changes, disable / connect plugins, edit design.



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