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Magento online store development

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//Magento online store development

Magento online store development

Hosting & Server for ecommerce

We offer server architecture tailor-made options for each Magento online store. We understand that online stores can be different in volume: they are found in several hundred products and some in several thousands. Therefore, it is very important to determine a number of parameters that will allow you to correctly select one or the other type: VPS, Cloud, Dedicated server. The choice of hosting is also based on the price-quality criterion of the services it provides.

What goes into developing an online store?

Creative online store includes:

Preparation of the Terms of Reference for ecommerce

The project manager forms a team to create an online store, he is only assigned to your project. He organizes a primary communication with you in the form of a brief or personal meeting to clarify goals and needs. When working with large-scale projects, specialists in product management and business analytics are additionally involved.

Target Audience for the project of online store

Matching the site with the expectations and habits of the target audience is half the success of the project. Therefore, before starting work on a prototype, a project manager studies:
– competitor sites;
– goals and objectives of potential visitors;
– information about the target audience;
– market analysis results for similar offers;
– customer company brand book;
– information provided and customer wishes.

Development of business processes and functionality for the magento online store

Based on the prepared terms of reference, the project manager forms all the necessary business processes that should take place both on the front-end and the back-end. The business process in the online store is the specific actions of customers and sales managers who are equally interested in a successful purchase.

Responsive Design of shopping app

Web design on the Internet is an analogue of window dressing in a store. Because of it, a potential client makes a choice in favor of one or another company. The interface must be convenient, functional and modern, otherwise no one will be interested and leave the site.
The finished site design is a graphic representation of the information posted on it. At the final stage, the designer implements schematic prototypes into full-fledged page layouts ready for layout.

Connecting magento modules 

During the creation and development of online stores, we came to the conclusion that Magento lacked functionality for most of the projects that we implemented. Therefore, our team has developed a number of modules that have expanded the functionality of Magento to the point that it is most convenient for customers to make purchases, and managers to effectively manage content and other tools.
The cost of the project already includes such modules:

  • Sphinx Search module;
  • Search Autocomplete module;
  • Advanced Filter Module for Products;
  • Advanced Sort Control Module;
  • Promotion module;
  • Module “one-page order” (which includes a large number of payment and delivery methods for Ukraine and Europe);
  • Slider module;
  • Blog module;
  • SMS module;
  • Advanced Product Management Module.

We have listed only a small part of the modules, the total number of modules that are part of the project is 47. The client can enable or disable the modules as necessary.

Google Optimization for the bussiness online store

Owners of online businesses want to see their online store in TOP by keyword search in the Google search service. To achieve such results, we put in the project priority optimizations, which include:
Optimization of download speed and adaptation for mobile devices (PageSpeed Insights service);
Internal optimization, which consists of the work of converting web pages into a relevant form to search queries.

Testing magento online store

Before implementing a project in a “living environment”, we carefully test all of its functions and capabilities. It is very important for us that the project meets all the requirements and is of very high quality. Therefore, we pay great attention to checking the operation of the online store depending on the loads, simultaneous transactions, various relationships and processes.
A client receives his online store only after testing managers confirm that it is working properly and correctly.

Technical support magento online store

After the project is implemented, we are ready to provide technical support on any issues. You can contact us at any time to make all kinds of edits, disconnect / connect modules, edit design, create promotional offers, etc.

The cost of technical support services for the site depends on the level of complexity of your online store project, its fullness of goods, etc.

Magento online store development will give you the opportunity to expand the boundaries of your online business.

Cost options for creating an online store on magento

The cost of developing an online store will depend on the complexity of the project, the number of products that the store should be designed for, its design and the number of additional modules on the site.

Our experts are certified magento developers. The creation of your online store can be both on magento 1, and on magento 2.



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